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Tonight on MXTalkRadio – Colton Facciotti, Robby Marshall and Broc Tickle First up, and for the first time on MXTR, we’ve got Blackfoot Racing’s Colt Facciotti joining us to talk about his Southwick experience and the rest of the short AMA series. Colt had a pretty good run during moto one at the ‘Wick, but […]

This Tuesday on MXTalkRadio – Pro Drive’s Phil Harrison, Tommy Weeck & Jimmy Albertson In the ever increasing field of energy drinks, there are few products that actually stand out as something that could actually HELP a rider or athlete perform to his/her potential. Well Pro Drive is just that, a product meant to aid […]

Tonight on MXTalkRadio – Mike Alessi and 2011 SurferCross Mike Alessi has been on a shredder as of late, and tonight we’re going to get our chance to ask him about his season. Regardless of how Mike is doing, he’s always a fan favortie as well as a title contender. We’ll ask Mike how he […]